2016 Stats Leaders (through 6/10/16)

updated 6/10/2016

UpdatedWednesday May 17, 2017 byAndrew Brady.

Click on the attachment to view the statistics as of the date in the title of the document. 

For hitting statistics, only the leaders (.333 batting average or above) are displayed.  Each batter must have a minimum of "2 plate appearances X the number of games" to qualify.

For pitching statistics, only those with less than a 5.5 ERA, and a minimum of 6 innings pitched are displayed.

For fielding statistics, only those with a fielding percentage of .900 or higher, and a minimum of 15 total chances are displayed.

2016-06-10 batting.pdf
2016-06-10 fielding.pdf
2016-06-10 pitching.pdf