Cindy Meredith and Kirwin-Elliott Awards

Cindy Meredith and Kirwin-Elliott Awards

UpdatedFriday June 30, 2017 byNeal Evans (photos by Cindy Miller).

Cindy Meredith Award

Joe Silvestri

There is one lady who is the face and the driving force behind Tallahassee-Leon Babe Ruth. Inducted into the Tallahassee-Leon Babe Ruth this past year with the likes of Reggie Jefferson, Dean Palmer and Tallahassee’s favorite son David Ross, fairness, commitment and dedication over the years were a trademark of Cindy Meredith. Annually, the Board awards to a fifteen-year-old player, who has played in the league all three years and demonstrated a true commitment to the league and to the Sportsmanship code. No easy task.

This year the Board chose Joe Silvestri, A three-year all-star who does whatever it takes to be not a just a good person but a great teammate.


Kirwin-Elliott award.